Unlike any Realtor in NY, I also specialize in Landlord/Tenant Disputes. If you have a home you are looking to sell and can’t because you have tenants who wont leave, squatters, etc., then contact me today for help evicting them immediately.

For close to a decade, before becoming a Realtor, I specialized in Evictions. In fact I was contracted by the Suffolk County Gov’t and handled all the Evictions for them while owning 7 Process Serving Firms in New York.

There is a very specific way to handle an eviction in NY. If one document is not 1000% correct the eviction will be thrown out and you will need to start out all over again. From the actual 30 Day Notices to the Affidavits to the Petitions, it all must be in order or the Judge will dismiss the case. This can and will cost you THOUSANDS of dollars.